An Independent Expenditure Effort on Behalf of U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Espy


An Extraordinary opportunity.


When longtime Mississippi Republican senator Thad Cochran resigned early in 2018, the governor appointed as his replacement the state’s agriculture commissioner, Cindy Hyde-Smith. Hyde-Smith was a lifelong Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter until 2010 when opportunism seized her and she became a Republican. Sen. Hyde-Smith, a cattle rancher, has little political expertise and quickly embraced both President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh. Trump held a rally on her behalf in Mississippi, however, Trump isn’t as popular in Mississippi as he is in other southern states. Her policy imperatives appear to be not supporting Mississippi citizens, but rather the Trump policies of cutting healthcare and welfare, opposing immigration and building the border wall.

Another Republican, the firebrand conservative, State Senator Chris McDaniel, immediately entered the race to oppose Hyde-Smith. A pro-McDaniel Super PAC, Remember Mississippi, funded largely by deep-pocketed donors such as businessmen Richard Uihlien and Robert Mercer — has raised nearly $1.3 million. McDaniel demonstrated how out of touch he is with Mississippians when he challenged and lost to Senator Thad Cochran.

Democrat Mike Espy, a three-term congressman and former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture has also joined the race. Espy is the only candidate in the race with a record of delivering for Mississippi.

The three candidates will appear together on the November 6th midterm ballot without party identification. If one candidate receives 50% of the vote, he or she will go on to fill the balance of Thad Cochran’s term ending January, 2021. If no one reaches the 50% threshold, the two top vote getters will meet in a run-off November 27.


Mike Espy, an extraordinary candidate

This campaign gives Mississippians an extraordinary opportunity to elect an extraordinary senator. As Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Mike literally transformed an agency so important to Mississippians.

He set out and succeeded in cutting the size of government at USDA, actually “draining the swamp” of lobbyists, imposing a wide-ranging and scientific food safety regimen, restoring lands illegally usurped from black farmers over the last 100 years, and brought relief to thousands of white Mississippi farmers after record floods decimated their crops, to name but a few.

During his six years as Congressman, Mike Espy, following his Grandfather’s footsteps increased opportunities for rural health care, education and economic opportunity for the poor and largely forgotten.   

Proud Mississippians

An Independent Campaign for a Candidate who will make us proud

“I’m running for the United States Senate to make Mississippi proud.”

That’s how Mike Espy began this campaign. We are proud Mississippians who have taken up that challenge. Pride comes with more success in education, health care and economic opportunity.

It does not come with a senator like Cindy Hyde-Smith who:

  • Opposes requiring health insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions

  • Opposes requiring insurance companies to charge the same for men and women

  • Supports an immigration plan that allows separation of refugee families at the border

  • On her main campaign web page, Hyde-Smith takes pride only in supporting billions of dollars to build the wall, opposing reasonable gun safety measures, and totally rejecting a women’s right to choose.

  • Not a single word about education, health, jobs or anything else important to Mississippians.


We’ve organized to highlight the dramatic contrast between Hyde-Smith’s lock step support for a partisan national agenda, and Mike Espy’s record and dedication in focusing on the things that matter most to all of us. As Mike Espy said when he announced:

“I’m running for the United States Senate to make Mississippi proud. And I will work every day to be a shining example of our state to our nation that finding common ground, coming together with dignity and respect for each other is the path to progress, getting things done and moving forward for all.”


join us & be a part of something extraordinary.


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